anti-intellectualism in the church

In the book, Love Your God With All Your Mind, J.P. Moreland writes that the growing anti-intellectualism in the church has resulted in the marginalization of Christianity in society and the emergence of the most secular culture the world has ever seen. The real problem for us shows up when tough times hit and our house-of-cards belief system tumbles down because we’re used to “putting our hands together” but not our heads.

Some theories why this is happening:

Christians are reading less, in general. Busy doing life. More time on internet. More time pursuing selfish ambitions.

One of the main reasons. Christians are reading less Bible! Without the Bible, Christians are not loving God with all their mind. They are not able to be ready at any moment to give a defense in what they believe.

The average reading level in America and the church is general is going down.

What do you think?

Hollow men with hollow faith

American Christianity has become the periphery faith. Christianity is no longer the center of a Christian’s identify, but just another facet of one’s life. I’ve been reading Philosophical Foundation For a Christian Worldview by Moreland and Craig.
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It is a sad reality but true. The main institution of Western American civilization is the University. But Universities are no longer teaching truth and theology. Becuase Universities have lost sight of truth, so has our nation. “False ideas are the greatest obstacle to the reception of the Gospel.”
Christian faith in America is wide but not deep. Hollow men, empty shelves that do not know what they believe. Christians used to be able to argue basic fundamental arguments for their faith but today American Christians are very shallow and lost the understandings of philosophy and theology.
R.C. Sproul has called this the most anti-intellectual period in the history of the of the church!

That sucks! Let us not continue to be this way. Our generation is not as cultivated in the realms of philosophy, intellect, history, theology as our previous forefathers! Let us make serious change!