Apple Shuffle

I never thought it would be a worthwhile investment to purchase an Ipod Shuffle, so I have NEVER bought one…
but I won a shuffle recently and I love it already!

1. It is small and works way better for exercising than my big old 30 Ipod Classic gigger!
2. It is so small and light, it is easy to hide and perfect for taking anywhere!

I am not sure how long the battery life is but so far it is not too bad. And the only other thing I miss is the ability to look at a screen and see what song is playing.


PodBible….Bible for IPod!

bringing the gospel to your heathen iPod

This is a really neat resource!

podBible is the Bible. On your iPod. Hence the name “podBible”. And it is free.

You simply download the Bible on your IPod – the ESV edition from their website. And then you have the ESV on your IPod ready to read at any time!!

Check it out!!!