Wednesday Link List

Here are this weeks’ links:

1. 5 things you NEED to start leaving off of your resume by Career Builder

2. Rest time: the foundation of performance by Coaching Postitive Performance

3. Learning how to use Positive Self-Talk by Martina G. McGowan

4. Science Explains Why Slacking Online Really Makes You More Productive by LifeHacker


5. Stress is Often Misunderstood by Alex Dolin

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Freight work

There are a lot of LTL/Freight companies out there:

Not to mention several other smaller ones…

Anyway despite the bad economy, people still want freight and they want to ship it.

With that said, my company UPS Freight is hiring. If you are interested in working for us check out

Tell them Alex Dolin told you about the job.

Click on “Dockworker” and if you live in Columbus, Oh….you can work with me and we can talk theology!