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Five year-olds who watch TV for three or more hours a day more likely to be antisocial: But the risk of this behaviour is very small by Science Daily

Church Media nd Messages

A medium (like Media) affects the message. This is pretty well research theory. If it is true, how will the Christian message be affected by new media?

As communication theorist Marshall McLuhan argued, the tools we use to communicate a message can shape that message in ways we may or may not intend. If this is true then Christians have a duty to critically evaluate the effect of our media choices on our message. Do our choices of media forms allow the message to remain Christian? Or are the tools with which we communicate at odds with the message of the Gospel?

This blurb, I got from somewhere (cannot remember where) brings up some great points and questions. It is great that someone is taking a look at this and studying it. It will be useful to learn from this type of research. But as I ran through my mind, I could not think of an occasion where the tools that (I and my church anyways) we have used have shaped the message in odd or negative ways. Maybe I am too close to see it if it is happening, or I am missing the point? Maybe I am not evaluating it correctly…I don’t know.

I do appreciate the research he is doing. And will keep my eyes open. One big problem that people might run into is over emphasis on the Media and ‘worshiping’ the Media. This would be sinful. Another problem might be the overemphasis or dependence on the Media. If the message cannot go on due to technology, then that also would be an issue you might need to bring up!
But overall, I think Media can be a good thing. A. TO keep up and engage culture. b. Convenience- it helps keep organized and prep work faster

Social Networks

Wow, social networking online is extremely popular right now. I think that over the past few years, the internet has really changed in content towards more rich social media and more forms of social networking. Gen X and Y love rich forms of media like videos, pictures, and HTML gadgets and tools that use Flash and Java and other IT devices and codes. Anyways the internet is changing so much an articles I recently read claims of a better way, and it is coming soon.

Today I want to share some neat Christian social networking sites. But first I want to expose to you an extensive list of social networking sites from Wikipedia. It is amazing how many there are out there. Yes, Facebook and Myspace are still number one and two here in the USA, but there some interesting genre-specific communities, as well as neat networks based in other countries – all online.

The most interesting fact is that this list, is not exhaustive. It does not even touch some of the really neat Christian social networks! Which is why I am posting today. I am going to provide to you some of the neat Christian networks, and my list is not exhaustive at all, these are a few of my favorites: – This is similar to Myspace. – Similar to Youtube. – Really cool if you are a youth minister.– Like Myspace, but better!– facebook for churches.
– I have not explored it yet.

I hope you find these helpful. I have been studying a lot about social networks, so do not be surprised if you see more posts about them.
I want to leave you with a funny video about Facebook.

The Bible and media

So I located a really neat website online:
On this website you can log in on a free account and read the Bible in many versions as well as see videos/media that relate to verses of the Bible. It is a community of contributions. After you sign up you are allowed to contribute videos, links, articles, or anything to help illustrate or drive home points made in the Bible….

Which leads to a great question: How do you feel about mixing Media and the Word of God? One extreme would be that the Bible is a double-edge sword that illustrates itself enough. The other side is that the Bible is old, dry, and hard to understand so it needs media to “modernize” it, if you will…

Personally, I believe that the Word of God is absolute truth and that media is not. Media such as videos can sometimes be helpful to further the points already in the Bible. I use them a lot to get students attention in my youth ministry messages, but I believe that the Bible is the Sword of our faith. What do you think?