Jesus, even in high demand, rested

Imagine a situation with me. If you felt called by God to walk into a cancer ward and to pray for an individual and image that God healed that person. Immediately. The newly healed person felt healed and there was absolutely no sign of the cancer in this person anymore. You and this person would be ecstatic and jumping up and down on the bed. The nurses and doctors would not know what to do. Then as you walked out of the room, you felt God call you to another room to pray for someone else. Then imagine a similar situation occurring, where God heals the person you pray for. If this continued to happen time and time again, at the very least another sick person with cancer would be calling you, more likely the doctors would want to know what you were doing and even more likely the news would be putting you on the spotlight.

This is just one fictional example of what it might be like to experience what Jesus might have experienced. Can you picture it? Jesus must have been in high demand! There must have been word out of his miraculous healings and wonders. I am sure that people were well aware of what he was doing and I imagine that people wanted his time and his healing touch.

Jesus models something else for us that we really need to take into consideration. Jesus took breaks. He rested. He went away to be alone with God, even in his busiest season. Even when people were still hurting and in need. Even when Jesus was demanded and reached a celebrity status of his time….He went away to be with God alone:

Mark 1 : 35 (NIV): Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Mark 6:46- Jesus, after a busy day of healing people, sent people away so that He could be alone in prayer. If you continue reading the chapter there are still people lined up looking for Jesus (v. 55). Again in Matt. 14: 22-23, Jesus dismissed the crowds, so He could go to the mountainside by Himself to pray. Jesus’ priorities were very clear. ¬†Luke 5:16 says that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. This was a habit for Jesus. Jesus quietly slipped away again and again, as it is mentioned in Luke 9:10 also.

Jesus rested on the Sabbath and went to the synagogue (Lk. 4:16), the equivalent of going to church on Sunday. The morning before choosing His twelve disciples, Lk. 6 reports that Jesus spent the night in prayer. Throughout His time on earth as a human, Jesus modeled the importance of taking time off to recharge. This involved a lot of prayer. His source truly was God the Father. We too can follow this example and knell before the Lord God, our Father for strength and refreshment as well. 

Thoughts on God’s sovereignty

In “The Miracle” post
I shared how in nature things follow laws that we expect to come true all the time
but we as Christians understand that all of science is controlled by God, an intelligent being.
I told a story about how an intelligent person, me, always gets my coffee a certain way. My friend verified that I “ALWAYS” (in his own words)get dark coffee. One day I choose to change it up and I order a latte. My friend Tom is really excite, because he loves lattes and he never expected me to order a latte. It was a miracle for Tom.
I wanted to relate this concept to God’s Sovereignty.

While God is in control of all things and God, he being an intelligent being chooses to allow human being to have some power, some persuasion, some choice at certain times in history.

If you recall Pharaoh hardened his heart, Nebuchadnezzar choose not to obey, Moses “changed God’s mind,” Jeremiah prayed and God listened!

I know this is sketchy ground and my argument is very underdeveloped. I am merely blogging ideas as they come.

I have always thought that in the argument between free will/Arminius and Sovereignty/Calvinism that both sides have something correct, but both sides are lacking. When you think about a middle ground, have a healthy perspective, things start to connect. Maybe I am wrong, but I think this analogy helps. what do you think?

Are you a walking miracle?

The truth is that God has done many miracles!
Every single one of us is a gift from God.
We are all special and created in His image.
God loves us so much.
He has brought us through so much.
And he has done miracles in all of our lives.

I just want to praise God!
I just wish to let you and myself reflect on the goodness of God.
Take some time today and recall the miracles of God.