New Surrender- Anberlin

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I got the new album and I love it. It is really catchy.
At first I was thinking that some of the songs are a little harder/darker than their last album, but that is not really true the more I think about it. Anberlin has always had those tough songs that make you think on all of their previous albums. They are always catchy and stick with you even if they are a little dark.
Although not all of the songs are that way. Some of the songs in New Surrender are really upbeat and happy.
I hear a little bit of Relient K, Coldplay, classic/orginal Anberlin, and Switchfoot in this album.

My two favorite songs right now are: Burn out brighter and Haight Street
But I do not dislike any of them.
And I have a great appreciation for the cleverness of the song Breaking.

Check out the album on Youtube or Myspace – but definitely purchase the album too!

want to make ringtones from your music, but don’t want to pay for it?

You can, really for free! Why pay when it is free?

Hint: Use freeware software like Audacity to open non-DRM and non -protected music files
then cut the part of the song you want
then export it as mp3
send it to your phone via email or bluetooth or cable hock-up

If the file is DRM or protected you still can do this put first you have to convert the file to a non-protected format
There are legal and illegal ways to do this
I will mention a legal way:
Purchase (or download the free trail version) of Sound Taxi.
*With the free version you can only convert the first minuet or two of each song, but for ringtones at the beginning of a song, this is fine!)

Apple Shuffle

I never thought it would be a worthwhile investment to purchase an Ipod Shuffle, so I have NEVER bought one…
but I won a shuffle recently and I love it already!

1. It is small and works way better for exercising than my big old 30 Ipod Classic gigger!
2. It is so small and light, it is easy to hide and perfect for taking anywhere!

I am not sure how long the battery life is but so far it is not too bad. And the only other thing I miss is the ability to look at a screen and see what song is playing.

Million Voices

A song by Barlow Girls
it is exciting
Here is an excerpt from the chorus:

“We’re a million strong and getting stronger still
They’ll remember we were here
With a million voices breaking silence till
They’ll remember we were here”

Worldwide: 2,039 million Christians
In America: 225 Million
(these are estimates)

The song is saying we are here to spread God’s word, and His love. We shouldn’t be afraid to speak up, we have God behind us.

In the future people should look back and remember the Christians. We can and should leave an impact, this will happen when we are walking in the Holy Spirit!

The best band no one knows about :


In a Great Wave of Horns
When I was a student at Ohio Univeristy, I saw this band play…I had to get their album. They are amazing. There is an acoustic guitar player who has a great voice. Then there is the cello player!
My favorite thing about this band, is the lyrics. They are deep! But all of the tunes are really catchy too.

Me and Musical Instruments

Got a mandolin in the middle of May… and started playing it it the day I got it. It is a cheapo mandolin but so awesome.
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My previous musical experience really helped me play the mandolin. I started learning the bass guitar when I was a sophomore in High School. then in college as a sophomore I learned guitar. Now that I ma a first year Master’s student I am learning mandolin. I honestly never planned it all out like that, but it is fun.
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So far the transition to mandolin is a piece of cake, all my fingers are used to being moved all around and such. The chords are totally different but it makes logic sense because the tuning of the strings is backwards.

The hardest transition, so far, was from bass to guitar. That is going from one note at a time to a full chord.

Three instruments that I am interested in learning possibly in the future are violin/fiddle, cello, and banjo.
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My mom is learning violin. It is not anything like the other strings. I am not sure how I feel about the whole bow thing.

But my friend has a banjo – there are a lot of wicked strumming patterns on that thing that I’m not used to, but it is cool.

Idk…I might try my hand at drums. I am not too bad at it.