What is Michael Crabtree thinking?

There has already been a debate about capping rookie salaries for the NFL…that might happen soon but for this year Michael (and his cousin/agent) are trying to get the most salary they possibly can get before NFL decides to cap it.

He is an American football wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. He was drafted by the 49ers with the 10th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. He played college football for Texas Tech, where he received recognition as one of the nation’s most prolific wide receivers. He was a 2007 unanimous first-team All-American and the winner of the 2007 and 2008 Paul Warfield and Biletnikoff Awards, which are given to the nation’s top college receiver. He is also featured on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 10 for Xbox 360.(Wikipedia)

Maybe Michael is not thinking with his dipstick or maybe he is letting his “coz” do all the thinking but in my opinion Michael is being a dumb diva for holding out and here is why:

1. Asking for too much money as unproven rookie
2. No one next year will want to draft a (A.) rebel who (B.) is out-of-shape would-be-sophomore (C.) who wants a lot of money and (D.) has not proven himself on the field yet!
3. You look like a diva, prideful, arrogant, selfish player when you ask for too much money and turn down the offer to play in the NFL (a lifelong dream) for anything less than what you want. A lot of teams do not want to take the risk of having you on their team if you cannot/are not willing to even negotiate a modest/fair contract as an unproven rookie. Many teams do not want divas like you.

4. You might not ever get to play in the NFL EVER if you do not accept some kind of offer from the 49ers…I am just saying. You are in risky playing grounds Michael……

Gridiron Irony

So he is likely already going in the NFL Hall of Fame. But the talk is only going to get bigger and bigger this week as the New England Patriots (won their first season game) but lost their hero, Tom Brady due to a sever ankle injury that is going to require surgery.

So fans of the NFL, in general are happy, realized…
Boston residents, Patriot fans around the USA are stressing out and worried and upset.
Some controversy centers around the play…was it ‘dirty,’ as Randy Moss speculated? (probably nothing)

But my post today is around the irony of the injury. (Despite the fact I am a Pats fan and was even BEFORE Tom Brady!)
The Irony is this
this week before the game, Tom Brady was NOT on the injury list…the FIRST time he was OFF the injury list since the 2005 Super Bowl!! ( A whooping 32 games consecutively on the injury list! Including going 16-0, last year!)
But this week, before having to be taken off the field to this year ending injury, Brady was NOT on the proverbial, almost common-life injury list…..