Technology and teenagers (part 3)

Something really gross and concerning is that teenagers are taking nude pictures of themselves on cell phones and exchanging them with other teenagers’.

It is called “Sexting” it is gross, nasty, undignified, and just sinful. “I think the girls, they just want to get their attention and usually it works,” said an eighth grader. Another student in the same grade said, “Sometimes they’ll say, ‘Send me a picture of your boobs’ or ‘Send me a picture of your butt.'”

It may seem wrong and inappropriate to us, – heed this warning- students today are saying it “is just a part of dating”

It is not just cell phones but also websites.

“A lot more girls are aggressive,” said Ray, 18. “Some girls are crazy and they are putting themselves out there.”

Candice Kelsey, a teacher from California, said some teenage girls think they have to be provocative to get boys’ attention. As a result, they will send photos they hope their parents never see.

Parents Should Talk To Teens About Dangers of Sending Pictures of Themselves.

There is no limit to where those pictures could go next…you send a text message and it goes off to world wide web. This is dangerous.



"It’s Complicated" Crys from the Youth

This is a series of amazing photography by Robin Bowan. Behind each picture , there is a story. The stories give a taste of what the youth culture of today. These are cries out from young adults and adolescents in America. We need to hear their cries and see their world – not just to feel bad, but to understand and help. Not just to help but to love with empathy.