Impressions of Logos 4 Bible Software

Earlier this year I tested out Logos Bible Software. Long story short, I loved it so much I purchased the Scholar’s Edition. There are several Editions to this Bible Software, depending on your needs and usage, there is something right for everyone (compare the editions here!)

In about a month Logs 4 for the Mac will be released. This fantastic software has been running strong on PCs for 25 years, it is now a new chapter in the company’s life as they finally release editions for the Mac.They re so excited about the release to Macs, that they are giving away free prizes ( including an iMac, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano, and an assortment of 100 gift cards from the Apple Store, iTunes, and

Their aggressive goal is to be the worldwide leader in electronic tools and resources for multilingual Bible study. Their mission is to serve the church. They do this by providing tools and resources that make studying the Bible easier and more accessible all over the world.

So what is Logos 4 Bible Software?

Logos 4 Bible Software is a mighty resource! In the Scholars’ edition (, which I own includes over 600 resources:
including 40 English Bible translation and interlinears,
over 65 Bible Commentaries,
nearly 50 volumes of grammars, lexicons, and original language resources,
texts in original language texts/bibles,
media resources including maps and charts
and some of my favorite resources: an unlimited library that includes theological resource books, ministry application books, small group study guides, Bible/church history books, exegesis books, books to help provide sermon illustrations, help me learn to teach/preach better and so much more!

1. One key is that these are electronic resources. I can take my phone or laptop anywhere and I have access to these books!
2. Imagine how much money all of these books would cost! And how much space 600 books would fill! Instead of spending around $20-$60 a book, I get them all much cheaper and all take up much less space in my hard drive.
3. My hard drive crashed less than month ago, but Logos had synced all my resources, prayer requests, memory verses and preferences in real time online, so I did not have any trouble when I downloaded Logos 4 again on my new hard drive, everything was exactly they way I had left it on my old hard drive!
4. Logos provides tons of free training and resources on their website, so everyday I learn something new about my software.
5. The Logos team is constantly updating and providing new tools and resources and improving the software. On their blog, they also provide updates on how I can better use their software! It is great!

So far having Logs 4 Software has been great and extremely useful. In Bible Studies I take my laptop with me, so I can read from multiple translation and also look up answers to questions using the commentaries, dictionaries, and other study tools!

The Portfolio edition includes over 1600 resources all in one!