gas prices and "Shipping and Handling"

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Question: How will the rising gas effect UPS, DHL, Fedex…?
Will they still be able to run business with out raising prices?
If they do raise prices how will it affect their business?
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Or are they still making out okay because of their efficiency and shire mass shipping?
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The truth is we the consumer have to pay for the price of shipping and handling no matter what, if that means paying UPS a few bucks more for shipping in to our door or if it means paying $50 extra at Walmart for “artificial inflation,” I talked about in a previous post. We still have to pay for shipping either way! So in a since that might actually benefit UPS if they can figure out how to use it to thier advantage. Right?

think gas price is bad in America….?

CNN keeps track of gas prices worldwide: Keep this site as a bookmark as a reminder that someone else is paying more than you per gallon!

Good article from Washington Post

Here is a good Youtube video about WHY gas prices are so high right now and will continue to rise more soon and continually.

The video then suggests a product that will suppose-ably help save money by increasing your fuel mileage and save money…I am not endorsing this product. But I thought the video was insightful.