An idea that worked

I have to give Campus Crusade for Christ credit for this idea first.
The idea:
Website on a business card. For Campus Crusade for Christ, during Halloween in Athens, we passed out business cards of a Crusade website. I am not sure how successful that was…

But this week I passed out business cards with my church’s website on it. I preached the sermon at my church on Sunday….so I wanted my friends to get a chance to listen, so I posted the link on a card and passed it out.

What is funny is that this time, it worked. People who knew me wanted to go to the church website and listen to me.



This week was my “Spring Break,” I took a class that still had me do some work this week though.
Anyways, next week starts 2 more classes so I will be doing three classes online and I am used to only doing 1 or 2, it will be a lot of work!

Anyways, this week I’ve been reading lot of religious articles:

Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds.
This is the most secular culture of America ever. Most humanistic, relativistic, and post-modern.

var articleheadline = “Belief and the brain’s ‘God spot'”;

Belief and the brain’s ‘God spot’

This one is an interesting one. One one hand no man is without excuse, but on the other hand, no one is righteous, not one.

One World, Under God

This is true!

God Will Provide — Unless the Government Gets There First

It is sad but true, the Government is America’s “Savior” in a lot of ways.

More Americans say they have no religion

But I have read non-religious articles as well:

Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries – future batteries could charge in ten seconds

Slight Cut in Salt Intake Would Mean Fewer Heart Attacks, Deaths

I need to tell my step-dad this! He eats way too much salt on everything!

NBC Stars Whimper About Jon Stewart’s Skewering of CNBC

This is a funny website, but the discussion continued as Cramer joined Stewart on the Daily Show last night. Go to and see the full interview. i give Stewart props on this one.

Wolfram Alpha Computes Answers To Factual Questions. This Is Going To Be Big.
This should be intriguing, if it is not very accurate it will still be very funny to see the wrong answers this website may or may not produce.

Websites I check compusevely (Not everyday)

Besides my emails, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter profiles:

Most of these websites send me email subscriptions (so I don’t access their web page directly very often but I do read the articles in the emails) sometimes I click on a link in the email that leads me to their site.
– Culture Connection Updates
– Daily Devotions – The Journal of Student Ministries Updates – Simply Youth Newsletter and Podcast reminders

The Boundless Show– Boundless Webzine

Plugged In – Focus on the Family’s Culture Connection

Youth Walk – Walk through the Bible Ministry for Youth leaders, weekly devotionals

Youth Ministry / Group Magazine – Youth Newsletters – CPYU Newsletter: Youth Culture, articles– Center for Youth and Family Ministry Newsletters

technology at churches

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The Barna Group recently released a new study about the use of technology in Protestant churches nationwide.
ew Research Describes Use of Technology in Churches
In general, in the past two years adoption of technology into churches has been a little slow.

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Those tools included in the study were large screens used for showing video imagery; showing movie clips and other video segments during church events; sending email blasts to all or portions of the congregation; operating a church website; offering a blog site or pages for interaction with church leaders; maintaining a page on behalf of the church on one or more social networking sites; providing podcasts for people to listen to; and receiving programming and training via a satellite dish.

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In the past few years at my church, we have started our own church website. We have a large television but not a large screen. In the youth ministry we show clips from movies, and we send out youth group email blasts. The website has sermons that are also edited for podcasting but we do not put on a specific podcast. As a whole, our church is not involved in social network, but the youth ministry uses existing social networks to connect with students. We are not large enough to do satellite training, but our members do go to larger churches occasionally to get such training.
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There is a lot of intersting research from the Barna group, I encourage you to check it out and see the reasons why some churches are embracing and why some churches are holding back.

weird culture ideas

Has anyone heard of the site ? I am a member. It is a neat website. I am enjoying it so far. On this website, you can ask questions and answer them. It is awful like Yahoo answers, except this is a lot better for several reasons. Primarily because on Akatoo you can win prizes for answering questions and for inviting people to join. Also every time you answer a question, you are donating money to great causes. I have found that Akatoo is a more collegiate community than Y! answers.

Anyways for me, I have been able to practice “being ready” to share and defend my faith online through helping people on Akatoo by sharing Truth/ God’s Word in my answers. On this quest to share the Truth, I have ran into a lot of strange beliefs that people have about God, faith and life.

On this site I am learning a lot about people in general but specifically how strange and weird some world views, values, and beliefs that these “educated” folks have. For example, the belief in a higher power who hit the start button for evolution. The belief that Jesus did not exist AT ALL. Some people who actually think truth is relative….other random junk…

It has been fun posting and soundly like i am smart….I actually won an Ipod shuffle already and am going for a Nano next time.