My lancaster story….

So my family moved to Lancaster, Oh about two years ago exactly. My parents got better jobs and what not. For me it was no big deal because I was still a college student in my hometown of Athens, Oh at Ohio University. All my high school and college friends were still in Athens, where I lived. I was living on campus with some friends. Until about March this year, I had not embraced the move to Lancaster. Map of Ohio showing Lancaster
Lancaster, Oh is not too far from Athens, about 45 minuets…but even better it is not that far from Columbus, 30 minuets or so…
Now I am adjusting to living in the new house: smaller house, with a lot less land property, and a lot more neighbors in a close proximity. And all my friends are not near me. It is weird. So I am starting a new social life. I need more young adult Lancaster friends….

Yard Sales every weekend…

Dominion subdivision in Northern Lancaster, Oh – where I live there is almost always a ton of weekend yard sales when the weather is decent or better. Here are some pics just from today’s sales:

Everyone has got junk…my conspiracy is that the junk stays in the same neighborhood but keeps getting shuffled from house to house, yard sale to yard sale….