I do not know if I have told you but I love Nascar. It is a great sport.
My Favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt. After he passed away I began rooting for Junior. He is overrated but I still think he is a decent driver. It really excited me when he joined Hendrix. Although this year Hendrix has NOT been the winning team. I think Gordon is taking so getting use to in these “Cars of the Future.”
You really have to let loose and slide around the track a little, like Kyle Bush. Which is different than the old Winston Cup cars.

My family has a Sunday tradition. We watch and always hae watched the cars go around the track on the big screen. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we eat, sometimes we sleep, and a lot of times we are intensely participating with the race. No matter what the tv is tuned to the race. It is fun.
And also my brother has got me addicted to Nascar 2003 for Gamecube. So now we race on the weekdays too!

me and my sedimentary lifestyle

I have some bad habits that I am frustrated about, but apparently not enough to do anything about…
1. I spend WAY too much time online. I have found some timers the BEST thing to do for better productively and my well-being is to close the computer – GET AWAY!!!
2. Lack of exercise. If I am not or pleasure then I am “having fun” visiting blogs, sites, etc online, or I playing video games and sometimes playing guitar. This is pretty sedimentary and not a lot of energy is used in my daily average life.
3. I distract myself WAY too easily. I like to blog instead of do school work. I like to play video games, play guitar, read other blogs, go eat food…anything to distract myself intentionally and therefore I get behind in my school work. is a good distraction from reading or school
Recently i have been playing a lot of Nascar 2002 for Gamecube as well.
And – I won an I pod Shuffle for answering questions on there