I am impressed by Microsoft Search 4.0

I am impressed by Microsoft Search 4.0.
It is very good.
It searches faster than every before AND
it searches deeper than ever before.

Not only does it search titles but it searches content with in files!
Really nice.

The only annoying thing, but it is reasonable is that fact that it slows down the computer at first, when you first install it, because it indexes all the files for faster and better. I like it!

me and my sedimentary lifestyle

I have some bad habits that I am frustrated about, but apparently not enough to do anything about…
1. I spend WAY too much time online. I have found some timers the BEST thing to do for better productively and my well-being is to close the computer – GET AWAY!!!
2. Lack of exercise. If I am not or pleasure then I am “having fun” visiting blogs, sites, etc online, or I playing video games and sometimes playing guitar. This is pretty sedimentary and not a lot of energy is used in my daily average life.
3. I distract myself WAY too easily. I like to blog instead of do school work. I like to play video games, play guitar, read other blogs, go eat food…anything to distract myself intentionally and therefore I get behind in my school work. popurls.com is a good distraction from reading or school
Recently i have been playing a lot of Nascar 2002 for Gamecube as well.
And atakoo.com – I won an I pod Shuffle for answering questions on there

Second life finding way into first life

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Has anyone ever played with the real life simulator “Second Life?” It is very interesting. In fact, I actually enjoyed messing around on Second Life when I was a student at Ohio University.
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O.U. has an actual Second Life campus that looks very similar to the actual physical campus. One of my good friends introduced me to O.U.’s Second Life campus. He is a real PR and Communications geek. But it is good stuff.
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Anyways, my friend and I are not the only ones who have experienced this “second life.” In fact, a recent study reports that Second Life is a trend and it is catching on. The article from CPYU also gives som great advice to parents. Check out the links.

Love/Hate relationship with the "As" in software

I swear these Cooperations are going to take over the world and/or ruin it:

I love and use these company’s softwares, but at the same time I hate them and never know what to expect:

Apple – even if you don’t own a Mac, almost everyone has Itunes. It is easy and convenient. Come on, it just passed Walmart in Music sales! That is kick-butt. But the Apple software updater on my computer wants me to but Safari on my computer…I do not own a Mac, and I don’t want Safari. Also Itunes takes up a lot of RAM and memory, so it can be difficult to leave open if you are running several programs or doing something else that requires RAM.

Adobe – I love my Adobe and all my software (Cs3, other web building/designing software) – it is great. But sometimes it kills my computer. Adobe has weird cookies and hidden programs running in the background randomly and sometimes these strange Adobe files disable other Microsoft or Apple software from working properly. Then when I turn off the computer the Adobe files are exposed (Program still running “CAP”- or whatever it is)

American Online – No I do not even have an account with American Online, but like many Americans (lol) I have AIM (American Online Instant Messenger). The recent editions of AIM have actually been pretty good and have not interfered much with my computer, but this is not always been the case. Some days AIM will just decide not to work at all. By the way AIM and AOL are owned by Time Warner – who really is taking over the world.

I am surprised that they all start with “A” but maybe I shouldn’t be. maybe the “A” is a curse, in that case I (Alex) am in trouble.