Bad things happen to [____] people

You might think I am crazy, that is okay. I think that bad things happen to all people because all people are fallen sinners who live in a fallen world. No one is inherently ‘good’: “There is none righteous, not even one” (Rom. 3:10). Because of that reality, suffering is universal.
What is beautiful is that the story does not end there! The God that loves us offers grace and forgiveness and wants to help make us good. He offers the love and forgiveness to everyone: the oppressed, persecuted, the poor, the rich, everyone…. the question is : Will you accept it? God offers His grace to all, but many people reject it.

God blesses Us for His Glory

We are blessed by God by and through his Grace for His glory.

Yeah I’ve been listening to David Platt as he reads his book Radical to me in my car.
This is not a new message to me. I’ve read Piper’s Desiring God. In which Piper proves through Scriptures that the great business of life is to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

We can enjoy our blessings and life. God wants to make us happy but ultimately He is blessing us for His own glory. So we will share the Good News of God and tell others about the blessings from God. They are not to be selfishly absorbed but shared.

Does this make God selfish?
Yea, but would He really be God if His chief goal was to bring glory to something other than Himself? NO. Whatever He was bringing glory to would be a Higher, more important thing and therefore should be “God.”

This is one key theological point that challenges our thinking but also our living.
It is weird to think about and kinda fun, but ultimately, now what?
Now with this truth processed we must live it!
When we are blessed and happy, let us not get complacent and focused in on living with our blessings, instead let us give God the credit and make sure to use these blessings to bring Glory back to the One who first loved and blessed us.
IT is so easy to live caught up in the American dream. It is easy to take the blessings and forget the One who has blessed us.
Isn’t our faith a relationship? Are we sharing the Good News and the blessings and the ultimate Blessing with others?

The gift-giving

I love it and hate it.

Of course I love receiving gifts, who doesn’t?
But honestly I love giving gifts too because I enjoy making other happy.
What i hate is the fact that I am dirt poor.
I never have enough money to give good gifts to everyone who gives me good gifts, forget about anyone else I love and would like to get gifts for.